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Visit the 33rd Book Fair from Ivoti City

Unipelli is pleased to participate as a sponsor of the 33rd Book Fair from Ivoti City.

The event will take place from May 06 to 13, 2015, at Half-timbered houses center.

The fair celebrates an incredible experience only provided by literature, which is to travel through a time where we do not live, experience from other realities, learn important values ​​and above all, transformed into someone better through knowledge.

The program will feature writers: André Neves, Carlos Gerbase, Martin Dreher, Marcia Dieter, Celso Gutfreind and the honored writer Roque Amadeu Kreutz, along with several other activities, including the storytelling with Chistina Days and theatrical attractions like:

• The girl’s Library
• Mira-Extraordinary differences
• Subtle Inequalities
• Gentil Family
• Aff that Stage
• Cuckoo – the language of Baby
• Literary Trail

We will have a diversified program, popularizing the book reading, attending a multicultural audience, from child to the elderly, with access to culture and arts in a democratic manner.

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