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Chiara Mastrotto explains to Radio 1 the tanning and the Veneto district

“We work a natural product. Ours is the oldest form of recycling,because we treat a waste material of the meat industry. Material that we transform into a noble product for the great national and international brands”. Chiara Mastrotto explains to Rai Radio 1 the tanning and peculiarities of the Veneto district. Speaking during Sportello Italia with Adriano Boller, president of the Tanning section of Confartigianato Vicenza, the manager, president of the Mastrotto Group, was able to illustrate the prospects of the leather industry.

Chiara Mastrotto explains

“Our district looks to the European market , Germany first of all – these are the words of Mastrotto –. But it also exports to the United States and Asia, where emerging markets and large manufacturers are located.” For Italian leather, the internal market is just as important: “On the territory there are the great excellences of Made in Italy – continues –. An example? The leather goods district in Tuscany,where the big brands are also located”. A fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises that are now facing the difficulties of the pandemic. But the district of Arzignano (Vicenza) has been able to equip itself with the tools for the training and recruitment of young people: “Already in the 60s the technical institute was born to prepare children for work in our companies – he concludes -. In recent years the postgraduate course for the Green Leather Manager has been added”.

The District

“In Arzignano there are large companies, small businesses, sub-contractors and also artisan companies – adds Boller -. It’s an integrated system where everyone needs each other and where everyone invests in research, innovation and sustainability.” In 2020 the district suffered the blow of coronavirus:”But we are getting away with it – reassures Boller -. During this period, the importance of the issue of credit was seen. We keep our commitments to our suppliers.”
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