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Campaign in favor of “VERO CUOIO”

Vogue magazine in Italy started a crusade against false names of certain materials, such as when a label or a seller speaks of ‘ecological leather’, instead of ‘synthetic material’. The publication says that ‘eco-leather’ is a “word with automatic charm” and “with catchy suggestions”, but this is a term used in a slippery way, often with fraudulent intentions.

For this reason, the magazine decided to start a “necessary transparency operation, otherwise, public opinion will continue to not distinguish between synthetic fabrics of various types, which appropriates a definition that is not inherent in its nature”. And add that the only ‘eco-leather’ possible is tanned material according to certified quality and sustainable standards.

To fulfill its mission, Vogue involved the Italian tanning association UNIC in its campaign. Fulvia Bacchi, general director of the association that represents the sector adds: “The consumer must know what he is buying” and corroborates this position. She believes that the buyer “has the right to read on the label if the product in his possession is of animal origin”. So, if you don’t want to buy it, at least it will be an informed and conscious choice.

Source: CueroAmé

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